2015 Highlights From Behind The Cherry | Part Two

To carry on how the year went, the main highlight for me was Cornwall!

I went last year which I enjoyed, went again this year and loved it even more! It is really one of my biggest highlights of this year due to how inspirational the trip was (which I still need to do some prints based on the place next year) which I know sounds cheesy but it's true.

My aunty and uncle live down in Cornwall so like last year so most of the week I was down there with family they took us to such beautiful places that we were would have drove past or wouldn't even have a clue about which with my camera took tons of pictures and vines of as shown above and below.


I did get a lot of exercise as like what I did above, nearly killed me going back down but it was so worth it for the views!

Awhile ago I done a selection of tote bags for a restaurant down in Cornwall called The Waymarker which were really fun to make and one of my biggest commissions so it was a must that I must have a meal there and see my products I made for them in person at their restaurant.

Not trying to make this sound like a paid review (which it isnt) I loved the food & the place. My mum was very proud of me for what I accomplished which made me smile and made the meal more memorable in my opinion

Some vines I recorded



I just can't how beautiful Cornwall truly is and how inspirational it was for me in my pictures but I did take a lot regardless which you can find here

The only downside to the trip to Cornwall as due to a night of drinking with friends a few days before I ended up having painful heart burn for most of the trip which was my own doing but bugged me the whole trip and I somehow ended up having the worst fish and chips ever which is strange giving the location but I believe that was just a once off.

I never got around to doing some Cornwall inspired prints in 2015 but I promise to produce some early 2016

Thanks for reading this blog post, please comment below what you would like me to blog about next! (Bonfirecherry highlights is in the works still, there is a lot to talk about)


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