2015 Highlights From Behind The Cherry | Part One

While I am writing up the 2015 highlights for Bonfirecherry I thought I talk about my own highlights :)

It's been a great year, had amazing times with friends and went to such beautiful places that I am not sure where I start, well the start of the year would be a start hey?

Somewhere I went to for the first time this year was Comic Con at Birmingham twice year! I am a huge fan of Japanese manga and anime that I have been wanting to go to comic con for a fair few years but had trouble convincing someone to go with me but this year finally got someone to go with!

It was such a great experience, couldn't get over how much people went dressed up most costumes were handmade and looked amazing! I decided to go dressed Kakashi from Naruto but might change what I go as next year but that's for another blog post.

Bring on Birmingham Comic Con 2016!

Moving on, another experience was something that I enjoyed last year that I couldn't say no to it this year and that was going on a trip on a old fashion steam train.

Sounds boring? You couldn't be more wrong! I went on a day trip with a family on the highest class on the train called Pullmans class that is above First class which meant we were in some really amazing looking carriages getting served silver service all day!

The train trip this time around took us to Eastbourne for an airshow which if you can't tell from the picture above, it attracted a lot of people! You can find all the pictures from the day at my tumblr found here . It was such a great day it's the experience and the views that makes me want to go another when the next opportunity comes around! 

That was just half of my personal 2015 highlights, I will about the rest in part 2!

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One day I would love to go to Comic Con but if I go I’ve got to dress up. We went to Sherlocked and I really wish I’d taken the time to dress up (although I only discovered I was going like 24 hours before hand lol)

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