The mixture of craft & music aka the final fair of 2015

Hello all!

Yesterday I hosted my last fair at the Picturedrome for the Handmade and Unplugged Quirky Christmas Craft Fair with Live Music which was the last event I booked for 2015 and it was interesting. 

This was a different type of venue that I was used to that I was looking forward to hosting a stall at which combined both music and craft

The event was interesting and different as it was a place I haven't hosted a stall before, the day went well not as great as the previous 2 events but good enough that I can't moan but due to the place being a music venue too so it was a bit dark, on the upside it did help the banner stand out from a distance.

On the layout of my stall I had to change it around a bit to how I usually have it as shown above which turned ok but someone pointed out to me that I have been missing something important off my stall for the previous 4/5 events and that was something to show to customers that I could do custom work. Of course my products aren't going to be for everyone but to have something pointing out I can be commissioned to produce something they would like would have been great. For a few events I did have something framed saying so but at one event the frame broke and I totally forgot about replacing it which was my mistake but that's something I can look into for stalls in 2016.

As the place is a music venue first the layout of the stalls was odd compared to layouts from previous fairs but I believe it worked out despite it feeling a bit squashed for some stalls. 

The music on the day was good too as most of the people who looked around the stalls also stayed to listen to the band so gave people reason to look around, stay and if they liked anything on the stalls they would go back to purchase.

Overall for the last event booked for 2015 it was good despite what I have mentioned I believe if I hosted a stall at this venue i would try to add some lights to help attract people but ultimately seems it depends on the music acts playing (as it was mostly acoustic musicians and no bands).

I will be writing a blog post sometime this week of a summary of all the fairs I have hosted at this year :)

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