Break part 2

Hello all!

A few posts ago I talked about the break I will be having soon so thought I will go more into it in this blog post. 2015 has well its been a very interesting year and I am saying that in a good way.

A lot of stuff has happened, closed my first ever shop (@ Etsy), started my first website and now on my second while alongside that been busy creating products every month which some turned out to be great sellers like Sew Sew (Turquoise) awhile others didn't turn out well like the Japanese packaging inspired prints (see Archive for examples).

When I wasn't busy with that I was attending a lot of fairs which was very hit and miss at the start of the year but only the recent fairs I have turned out well after finding out what I wasn't doing right.

For people who know me well I also work in retail alongside this print work so if I am not busy with one thing I am busy with the other but I honestly I like to keep myself busy as I hate being bored. But coming towards the end of the year I am mentally tired that I need to have a break from Bonfirecherry just for a few weeks so I can let the creativity in me relax and absorb in new idea for 2016.

From Friday 18th December til Friday 1st January 2016 all current products will be hidden to purchase from but everything else will still be the same. I won't be completely relaxing during the break I will be busy in retail around the Christmas/new year period but I when I have time to relax I will be looking into improvements in my printing, order processing and new ideas for 2016.

I need to give my bedroom/studio and printing shed a mega clean and change around so a few weeks off from any printing will be good. I have built up a lot of old lego creations that I am looking forward to build and show off.

Of course I will still be posting on all the regular social media sites that Bonfirecherry is on just wont be advertising products just mostly highlights of 2015 instead.


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