Christmas At St Lukes/ ONE DAY SALE

Oh wow, what a weekend Bonfirecherry had!

Lets first about the fair I attended yesterday (of the event advertised above), this was the second to last event booked so recently I have been working on new brooches & notebooks to show off at the event which were fun to produce as the rest of Bonfirecherry's products

Going on from the previous fair blog post I think I have finally decided on a stall layout that works well with the brand and makes it look professional but think I will always make small changes each time depending where I am and the audience attending. 

Back to the day, in terms of stalls this was the biggest as there was 2 rooms and I was in the smaller one of the two but was the closest to the entrance of people coming in which was good. I did get people stopping at the stall to have a look so was able to hand out business cards saying about custom work and had 2 sales so can't complain about the day. The only downside to the day was that I got the banner creased which was a bit noticeable and towards the end of the day it started to rain but part from those 2 things the day went well.


On the same day of the fair I hosted another one day sale at which I like to do at the same time as fairs which was greater than expected as I gained a record amount of sales for a single day that I am looking forward to hosting another on Dec 13th (same day as my last fair I have booked as shown on the homepage) to see if I will get the same success.

Thanks for reading :)

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