European/International Orders / Break

Hello, just a short blog post about 2 important things


You have got between Friday 27 til Monday 30th November to order items for Christmas so the order can get to you on time. 

Most orders often take one/two weeks to arrive to it's destination in most countries out of the UK so thought between Friday 27th November & Monday 30th will be the final days Christmas orders can be made to get to you in time


With Christmas coming & not long til 2015 ends I am soon going to be having a break from printmaking for a few weeks as I have been so busy the past few months that it be a good time to have a rest, drink & think of new ideas for the new year.

Friday 19th December will be the day I will be having a break til the new year as I work in retail alongside this so I will be very busy with that also it will give me time to give Bonfirecherry HQ a tidy up and a change.

Closer to the time I will be doing a few blog posts about the highlights of 2015 for me and for Bonfirecherry


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