Q&A 18th November 2015

It's been awhile since I produced a Bonfirecherry Q&A, the previous 4/5 were done as a video blog but as my camcorder is currently out of order I decided to do it as a blog post instead.

Like last time I got my twitter followers & facebook fans to give me some interesting questions and well I got what I wanted! 

Lets get the Q&A started

What a great question to start the Q&A!

With social media you can target your posts/tweets of your products to a set audience that would like that products (as shown below for twitter). Social media does have a lot of pluses that it take a whole post to go into all of them but I don't think all sales are influenced it as not everyone is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc so that's why i do craft fairs as it's another to get the Bonfirecherry name out there and its good for people to see a businesses products in person than over a online screen.

As a small business I honestly don't it's possible to harness social media fully as only a post/tweet will only go so far and not millions as big businesses can achieve with their reach & budget but saying that I like a challenge!

I had to give this a think but I would love to collaborate with Vans or Converse as I love their brand. I would love to some Bonfirecherry designs on their shoes!

I run Bonfirecherry alongside a part time retail job that I have so daily I spend about roughly 5 hours doing print related work be it sketching an idea or printing but depends what I have planned. When I have the day off like I did yesterday it's often about 7/8 hours producing print work. I am the type of person who likes to keep myself busy but like to keep myself known on twitter & facebook so sometimes when I am busy with work or printing I often set up tweets/posts to post while I am working but the rest of the time it is me. 

So far not yet but not sure how to protect them so it doesn't happen to be honest. I suppose out of all my ideas the one that could get copied will be the camera as Cameras are the most popular when it comes to designs especially Polaroids but I like to believe it's down to getting people to know that the design is yours so if someone sees it they know its yours. 

When it is slow I often like to keep making more changes to Bonfirecherry.com, keep upto date on all the social media sites that Bonfirecherry is on or do some drawings.

I hate to admit but I haven't, my dad has but I haven't. I am too undeceive that I just can't decide which prints that I would like to hang. Ideally if i produced a A2/A3 print of Keira Knightley then I would never take it down haha

and the final question

A mixture of the two but I have more sales from tote bags than anything else. I am starting to get more sales with notebooks that I am working on new designs

Thank you all for the questions!



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Great Q&A some interesting information. Thank you?

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