Product Update / Sew Sew (Turquoise) Large Handprinted Tote

Hi all! 

As like the previous product update, Sew Sew (Turquoise) Large tote is also one of my best selling products I thought I will write a post talking about updates regarding it as it's currently sold out.

I have the lino, ink and the totes ready but I have been busy with some upcoming products among other things that I haven't had the time to print more as I know they are popular. Along with these totes I have the drawstring bags and a new print to work on all with a deadline of having them being finished off by 28th November aka the next fair I will be appearing at.

I am planning on printing more of these by the end of the week either by Thursday/Friday that they should be available to order by 26th November. Something special about these is that along with the recent batch of Camera No.2 (Black) Large Totes these new batch will have new iron on labels to show off that they are from Bonfirecherry

Please do contact me via the contact page if you want to be informed when they are back in stock


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