Throwback Thursday / My First Fair

Originally posted May 13th 2014 on the old 

On Bank Holiday Monday (5th May) I had my first fair at the Edgar Centre at Upton in Northampton, before I go into the fair I will tell you the story behind it first.

Bonfirecherry has been around over a year now, I have mainly been focusing on sales through my online Etsy shop which most of my sales have came from, I have tried hosting my prints at art cafes & vintages shops but didnt seem to work out. Only a few months ago my friend @bloominfab (whose work is amazing btw) suggested doing a fair which I never thought about doing til she suggested it, I thought about it for awhile then suggested to bite the bullet & book a stall.

I booked the stall but I had a question for myself if I was going to go be at the May Day Fete as BonfireCherry or me. Because Bonfirecherry is a creation I made up in college four years ago, a online shop & not a official business I was suggested by a family friend to go as myself as I dont own the name yet, even though it hasn’t been used by anyone else which I confessed hit me a bit because I worked so hard under the name Bonfirecherry that it be weird to go as something else but this person was right.

So in the end I decided to go as myself, a blessing in disguise is when I designed the BonfireCherry logo 4 years ago at college I also designed my own personal logo which you can see all over the table on the top picture.

Anyway back to the fair, to prepare for it I first went through all the prints I made so far to decide what I was going to take & how many but as this was my first I just went with around 30 in the end. The next stage was mounting and for this because I needed a lot, I ordered them in bulk to save money & hassle off the internet which gave me time to get my hands on some card to help mount all the prints.

It took me a few days to do all my mounting which was pretty fun doing after finding the right glue to put them all together. The last thing I needed for the prints was bags so looked around online like ebay etc looking for the right bags I had in my mind but couldn’t seem to find them which annoyed me. Just as I was about to give up, my nan had some bags that she often uses to sell jewellery (i love my grandparents) which she suggested I should try out, they were A3 size bags but I just had to cut them down, tape at the back and they were perfect :)

The fair went great I had a fun day in fact, after weeks of blood, sweat & printing ink I believe the day worked out for me. I had one sale during the day a few people took some of my business cards then another sale online, Something else I gained on that day was making new friends who are just as creative as me who understand my language unlike other people who think I’m crazy lol :)

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