Great start to the weekend/ Vintage Retreat Craft Fair

Hello all! 

It's been a great weekend so thought I will talk about it!

As the event I was hosting a stall at was one of the three final fairs for 2015, I wanted to make them special and attractive for potential buyers that I reduced the price of old/current products to great prices (same online with the One day sale I done on the same day so the prices were roughly the same as I dont want people to miss out) and just for the fair I done a 3 for 2 offer which did prompt people to look and in one case in the end buy a print!

Sadly only had 1 sale on the prints that didn't have any 3 for 2 sales (as shown above) but I was the most popular with the Sew Sew (Turquoise) totes that I confess took me by surprise but not complaining, just prompts me to produce some more soon as they are turning out to be one of my best selling products along with Camera No.2 (Black) Large Handprinted Totes. Either way it was one of my most successful fairs that I will repeat the formula for the next two events (along with the One day sales which I got some sales from too all on the same day, how great is that?!).

I was happy how the stall looked, from the first fair I attended til now the stall finally looks professional well for me it does. Of course my stall will never always look 100% the same due to the size of the table I get but I know which layout of my products work and makes everything fair I do special and unique!

I normally don't talk about the venues I appear at but I will in this case as the last time I was at Vintage Retreat was roughly about 2 years ago (?) which was small but as the name suggests its for vintage lovers (Such lovely products, highly recommend the place)

At the time I was roughly starting out I was going under 2 names Bonfirecherry online and my name for fairs etc (I have got my own personal logo that I currently use it on my personal cv etc) and thought I try my luck putting my prints in at a place like this (at the time only had a handful of prints like Private Ace, Camera No.2 (Black) etc) but at the time didnt work out well for me but second time is usually the charm and because the place has got a lot bigger and because I have got a huge archive of work I am thinking of hosting my products in their again to see what happens

You can find out more about Vintage Retreat here 


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