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The new Bonfirecherry.com


As you may have noticed Bonfirecherry.com is different, I have recently changed website providers so with that comes a new look and site improvements too!

At the old Bonfirecherry.com the shop was located on one page, now buy prints on the home page and various other pages as the website is now a shop how cool is that?

Speaking of the shop previously you could only pay with one payment method in one currency (which I set to Paypal and £'s) now you pay for Bonfirecherry products with various methods now!

At the time I post this there is a few things that I need to finish off like the inventory etc but it's a new site for myself and visitors so will take me awhile to get used to everything. You may have noticed that the blog posts seem a bit small sadly I am not able to transfer or backdate all my old blog posts from the old site so I'm having to start again which is a shame but can't be helped.

People who know Bonfirecherry well know that I use Vine lot and now I can use Vine throughout the site now like on the home page and various product item descriptions!

To finish off talking about the new look, I will be getting new business cards (2 kinds) which I plan to talk about in an upcoming blog posts along with the fair I have planned to attend next Saturday I just need to finish off the final touches


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