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Hello all
October has been a busy month for Bonfirecherry from the recent fair and custom orders!
Let's start with the recent fair Bonfirecherry was at, last weekend I was at a great local event that I attended in March and was looking forward to attending again but I almost missed out. I emailed the people incharge of the event about 2 weeks before when the fair was to see if there was any place but was told they were full and said they will email me if someone drops out.
The event was a Saturday and there was me on the Friday thinking that I am going to miss out on this great event (such great footfall and advertising, the two things a crafter like at a fair) til late afternoon I got an email from the event organisers saying someone dropped out and asked if I could still come which of course I said yes!
I am so thankful I said yes at the fair went great, people took business cards and I had some sales that really made it for me. The only thing about fairs is that I need to think my stall and my online shop as two different things as the target audience who see my stall are often quite different to those who visit my online shop which is good in a way as 3/4 of the stock I show at fairs is old stock so I am able to do deals and have old work at a great price. 
I have 3 more events booked before Christmas/New Year so I am planning on doing fair only offers like 3 for 2 etc nothing is written in stone as I've got a lot of planning to do. Online shop customers won't be left out as I have some sales planned too.
The other thing Bonfirecherry has been busy with is custom orders, at the start I produced a selection of custom A5 notebooks that were very popular but seem to have died down since but I got a feeling they will be popular again before christmas.
The most recent commission is the drawstring bag with a ball of wool as shown above, this was fun as I wasn't printing on a tote bag as I normally do.
The Sew Sew (Turquoise) Large totes have been popular, so well that I sold out! Good that I have just made some more!
I wonder what November will bring?
Note: This blog post was originally posted 25th October on the old Bonfirecherry.com 
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