2017 Highlights From Behind The Cherry | Part Two

Hello all to part two of 2017 highlights of Behind The Cherry!

If you know Bonfirecherry well enough, I have an Etsy shop that is currently the only place to buy BC products online from and something I found out from a fellow crafter is that there is a Etsy group on there that I could ask to join for fellow Northampton based Etsy craft sellers, Etsy Makers Northants. After asking to join and got accept, late June last year I got invited to come along to a meet-up to discus upcoming plans etc such as the groups first Etsy Made Local which we did, find out how it went for Bonfirecherry here.



It was great to meet a lot of Northampton(shire) based sellers in person. Hope to come to more meets up this year when they happen.


It was fun meeting up with the talented @the_craft_fantastic I highly recommend checking out her stuff!

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There was a lot of meets up during last year that it would take a whole blog post in itself to talk about them all, with that it was good to visit different places to do the meet up from Sainsburys café to local small businesses such as the Plump Partridge and The Magic Bean Emporium.

As this is a chance to talk about my personal life more than Bonfirecherrys, last year I did do a blog post talking about my experiences with depression etc as I do suffer from it time to time. You can read it here if you are ever interested


What a cracking view! #BCTrainTrip

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Something me and some members of my family like to go is small trips around the UK on old fashion trains (most of them steam) in wonderful looking carriages, silver service catering & amazing views out of the window. September last year we travelled from Northampton to a small but beautiful place called Ravenglass (around 235 miles away) which I know some people might find that boring but I rather liked it. Sooner or later I will do some prints based on old trains and designs based on the pics I took on the many train trips I went on. Click here to find out more about the trip


I want this in my room!

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I always like to visit places to get inspiration from and in November last year I visited 78 Derngate, a house that was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for businessman Wenman Joseph Bassett-Lowke. I decided to visit the house on my day off work so it was quiet which was great for me so I could spend time going around without getting disturbed. I’ve got a blog post all about it here.


I want this in my room!

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The third and final place I visited last year that was a personal highlight for me was visiting Stroke Bruene in Northampton. This was somewhere we wasn’t planning on visiting and it turned out to be a great afternoon with beautiful weather and boats. I got a lot of inspiration of the place which I will for sure do new designs based on soon.

I think that's everything.

Thanks for reading!


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