2017 Highlights From Behind The Cherry | Part One

2017 Highlights From Behind The Cherry | Part One

What a year it’s been!

There has been enough blog posts about what Bonfirecherry has been up to during the past year so I thought I share the person behind the cherry’s highlights of 2017. The last time I did this was in 2015 and didn’t do one last year so thought I bring back this blog idea for this year!



The first highlight of the year has to be a fun one, visiting Birmingham Comic Con as Kakashi the ninja from the Japanese anime/manga series “Naruto” which I did the year prior. I do love comic con, they have it in Birmingham in March & November and sadly was only able to come to the one in March but it was still great



I think the purchases from comic con show what I love.



After 2 attempts trying, in March I finally passed my driving theory which made me really happy. I am 27, I did do driving around when I was 20 (when BC was a college project) and got up my theory at the time but failed and then gave up. Because of fairs I want to attend I have been focusing a lot on driving this year so it was great to pass the theory, get one of the hand things out of the way first before getting back into driving. I did do my driving test awhile ago but failed so have to wait til 19th January 2018 to do it again.

In April I had a fun trip with my brother to Lisbon, Portugal. It was such a wonderful few days took tons of pics (some that I used for inspiration for prints such as Funky Tram & Morning Arch). This was my third(?) time to Portugal but first time in Lisbon (the capital) itself. The very top pic is me in Lisbon, Search #BConHoliday to find the pics. There is a whole Cherry Post dedicated to the trip which you can find here.


At the top of the grand hall #BCHPtour

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Trying the butter beer at the Harry Potter tour, its very nice 😊 #BCHPtour

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My birthday is in March (BC’s in April) and for a late Birthday gift in May I got to visit the Harry Potter tour, oh my god I love it! If I had enough money at the time I would have bought a lot of stuff but in the end only just bought a notebook & pin. It is somewhere I would love to visit again. See video of me above trying the butter beer!

As I did with the Lisbon trip, there is a whole Cherry Post about the Harry Potter tour here.

I think that’s enough behind the cherry highlights for now, I will continue in part 2 which I will publish next week 😊

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