The Cherry Post No.20 | Award Finalist, New Designs & Commissions

The Cherry Post No.20 | Award Finalist, New Designs & Commissions

Well hello all to this weeks Cherry Post!

Awhile ago I was nominated in a the Muddy Stilettos 2016 Awards (click Muddy Stilettos tag for information) in the Best Local Producer Category (Non-Food/Drink) category and on Tuesday I am in the final round of public voting! To win in this category will help Bonfirecherry so much so honoured in the first place to be even nominated, the public voting is on til Tuesday 17th June, you can vote for Bonfirecherry here (you will need a email address, name & postcode/zip code so you can vote for anywhere around the world with multiple email addresses) 

I will be posting updates on results on my Twitter & Facebook pages

It's been awhile since I produced any new A4 (non-custom) linocut prints with the last design I produced was Chopper back in 2014/2015. There is now 2 new designs available both inspired by vintage items I bought at car boots (garage sales) a few months ago.

Turn It Up (Black) A4 Linocut Print. Available to order here

Focus (Black) A4 Linocut Print. Available to order here.

I do have other A4 designs, even A3 & A1 (!) planned but those won't be produced til July. Next week I will be releasing new 6 notebook designs along with a new tote bag design.

On Wednesday I met up with a client (a custom project I will be producing tonight) at Magee St Bakery (facebook page here ) when I also designed to drop off a framed print of Turn It up (Black) A4 Linocut Print alongside some other mounted prints & the custom bags I produced for the bakery. It was funny there was a lady chatting to one of the members of staff about the framed print saying "oh it is the same person who done the bags" not knowing I was sitting next to her til the member of staff said I was there, it was one of awkward situations when you didn't know when to say something haha

If you curious why I don't sell my prints framed, it's because I can't guarantee the safely of the framed & print as I did send a design off to a customer framed which came to her smashed! This put me off doing so via at the moment but might look into something around Christmas.

Back to custom projects, I produced a lovely print on Wednesday which the customer will be receiving today. Find out more about custom work here.

If you look at the front page of it says the next event Bonfirecherry will be appearing at is 24th July, this will be changing soon as I will be doing an event 18th June. I will announce on the front page & social sites when it's confirmed.

I think that's everything for this week, please comment below what you think of the new prints and other stuff as I would love to hear your feedback

Thank you for reading


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