The Cherry Post No.19 | Quiet week

Hi all to this weeks Cherry Post!

As the title suggests, the past 7 days have been quiet & not so creative as the previous weeks but doesn't mean I haven't done anything or got anything planned.

I talked about in last weeks post that I have got products planned to produce for, the next event in July + the Atomic Vintage Festival in August, I checked the lino I have got spare and only found 3 small pieces left to be used so I have ordered quite a lot of lino (did take a few days to hunt around online for the best price) so I won't run out any time soon.

At the time I am writing this post I still haven't received the lino but should be either this weekend or next week I will be producing tons of new notebook designs as I have got a few cool ideas planned.

I made two changes to this week, the first one being that I have reduced the price of all printed bags due to incorrectly reviewing the prices a few weeks ago and you can now set up your own account which makes ordering from Bonfirecherry a lot easier. Check out the posts published before this one for more information!

Speaking of bags, I have brought back the Ball of Wool drawstring bags which I have been promising for a fair awhile! Currently a limited stock in Red & Turquoise but will be producing more in the two colours and yellow during the next week or so.

As I haven't produced a video blog or Q&A in quite sometime I will be doing a LIVE Q&A over at Bonfirecherry's facebook page (found here) at 9.00am BST THIS SATURDAY, so be sure to head over with some questions you always wanted to ask!

I think that's it for this weeks post, in next weeks I should be talking more about the new notebook designs & a possible commission or two.

Thank you for reading 


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