The Cherry Post No.18 | Magee St Bakery, Upcoming Products/Projects + Preparations

Well hello everyone to this weeks Cherry Post!

The past few weeks I have been talking about a commission I've had for Magee St Bakery (there facebook page is here) which I finished off yesterday and dropped it off in person (as shown above). It was such a wonderful custom project to work on that I hope to work with them again in the future :)

Last Sunday I have a very successful event at the NN Cafe which I talked about in a blog post, which you can find by clicking on the Fairs tag at the bottom of the page.

It's been awhile but lets talk about upcoming products/projects planned between the end of May til end of June


  • Ball of Wool Red + Yellow drawstring bags. Expected to be available by Sunday 29th May.
  • 2 new tote bag designs. Expected to be available during mid-June
  • 8 new printed notebook designs. Expected to be available towards the end of June
  • At least 3 designs produced for The Coastal Project by end of June.


Going on from what I have mentioned above, I have been going through how much stock I would need for the Atomic Vintage Festival in August while I am not not going to say exactly how much but roughly I need to produce


  • 20 different vintage inspired A5 print designs (currently 5)
  • 10 different vintage inspired A4 print designs (currently 0)
  • 10 different vintage inspired A5 printed notebooks (Currently 2)
  • 5 different vintage inspired tote bags (currently 2)
  • 15 different vintage inspired printed brooches (currently 3)


Well that's the plan what I believe I need to produce, there might be some changes nearer to the time which I will do a blog post about them.

If you got any questions regarding anything I have talked in this post, do comment below or message me via the contact page :)


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