Cosy Craft Fair at the Cafe with Live Music @ NN Cafe

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Cosy Craft Fair at the Cafe with Live Music @ NN Cafe

Wow what a day Bonfirecherry has had!

This was a brilliant event for Bonfirecherry to attend to finish the week on as this wonderful event turned out to the best event Bonfirecherry has ever been at in terms of sales.

Before I go more into that, I thought I got more into where this wonderful event was at, the Cosy Craft Fair at the Cafe with Live Music was in a small cafe called NN Cafe located above an art gallery in the centre of Northampton town. I confess I was skeptical at first because of the location as it's not oven a road that attracts a lot passers by but I was proven wrong as it attracted a lot of people during a lot of the time the event was on with a lot of those wonderful people liking + buying some of the products which I had on show on the stall.

Speaking of the stall as the pictures give away it's looks rather small, that's because it's two small tables which I knew beforehand when booking but thought "oh there be enough room for all the stock I brought", wow what a challenge that was but I believe I done alright fitting everything on haha

Some changes I made since the last event was bag the printed notebooks + tote bags so they looked smart + professional which seemed to do the trick as they sold along with the prints + brooches too.

Part from the record amount of sales which were a highlight, I managed to meet two lovely ladies who I often chat to on Instagram + Twitter who have helped Bonfirecherry in the past so that was a pleasure meeting them face to face.

I have talked about my stall at this event but nothing else haha I forgot to mention there was other amazing stalls (7 I believe) located around a amazing looking cafe with beautiful acoustic music playing during the time I was there which was a pleasure to listen to while people were looking/buying.

My next small event is in July before the Atomic Festival in August so need to produce more tote bags for the stalls so there is more options as I didn't have much in each stock so had to rotate what designs I had hanging on the stand. I did plan on showing off the drawstring bags at this event but due to the recent commission that has been pushed back til next week (I am writing this on Sunday)


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