The Cherry Post No.17 | Vintage Finds, Commissions + Nominations

Oh what a week!

Last weekend I went to a small village garage sale (didn't know they existed in the UK as it's more an american thing) where I bought some cool items such as the vintage radio as you see above and a cool old wooden box for £! At the moment I am looking for wooden boxes/crates to put prints in for the Atomic Vintage Festival so the big wooden box for £1 was a great start, I am hoping to be purchasing some wooden crates tomorrow as a follower on Instagram messaged me of a shop not far from where I live that is selling crates at some good prices so I look forward to that.

After the vintage finds I decided to give the print shed a good clean and tidy as it got very messy recently and I plan on producing more Ball of Wool drawstring bags next week so decided to clean the shed so the drawstring bags won't get so dirty. I think it took me about 2 hours to clean the table, hover up all the lino on the floor + organise the cupboards where I keep all my materials, see picture above of what it looks like now!

During the week I got contacted by the Magee St Bakery in Northampton about some custom tote bags with their branding on it which have been fun to produce, see the design above. I most likely will go more into this commission at a later date as I want to update the Custom Orders page during my time off next week and this would be a great example to use.

Most things end in three and this week is no different, a wonderful Northampton based blog called Muddy Stilettos are hosting a big awards on the website for businesses around Northampton and I have been nominated in the Best Local Producer category which had made me so happy, you can vote for me here

More information about the awards here 

Before I finish the post off I have been preparing for the next event Bonfirecherry will be at, see post above. I will either do a blog post about the event or talk about it in next weeks Cherry post.

Thanks for reading!


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