The Cherry Post No.17 | Only A Few Of Many

The Cherry Post No.17 | Only A Few Of Many

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post, not long til no.20!

Lets start the post off with the biggest news regarding Bonfirecherry, I will be showing off BC items at the Atomic Vintage Festival in August! I have been teasing this big event in the previous 2 or 3 cherry posts so its good to finally say the name of the event, this it the biggest mid-century vintage festival in the UK. As explained in the previous posts this will be Bonfirecherry's first big event so there is a lot to be planned + made, that much that I am only bringing out almost a quarter of all the products (such as the pug print above) I have planned to produce in the next three months. Because I have is so much planned along with other projects that are in the works I have ordered myself a big 2016 wall planner, I am looking forward to filling most of it out when it arrives. This big event will help Bonfirecherry be ready for a slightly bigger event planned for 2017 which I have mentioned a few cherry posts ago. 

Find out more about the Atomic Vintage Festival here.

Last week I produced new designs, this week I made new notebooks design that are now available at as I have had just 3 designs for about 6 months I believe so thought it be a great time to bring out some fresh designs for you lot to see + purchase. Going on from what I said above there will be a few more designs coming in the upcoming months towards the Atomic Vintage Festival.

I have started to work on more Ball of Wool drawstring bags but having a break on producing them as the print shed have got very messy recently + already got two bags dirty that now can't be used/sold. The Ball of Wool bags take me the longest out of all products at Bonfirecherry due to I first print the wool design and after that I hand paint the colour in which takes me awhile to do each bag.

Sadly all of the projects + products planned in the upcoming months has made me put the Coastal Project to be put on a hiatus til I have get my wall planner and know when I can work on the project without getting distracted with anything else.

The past week I have been chatting with a fellow friend and printmaker who also uses linocut, Emma Higgins in a interview blog post format chatting about all things linocut, what got us into printing + other cool stuff. It's been such a fun chat, the time I am writing this (thursday) the chat is almost finished so I hope to show the chat off on Saturday, it will be worth the wait I can promise you that ^^

I think that's all for this weeks Cherry Post.

Thanks for reading, be sure to comment below any suggestions for any future blog post :)


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