The Cherry Post No.16 | As Promised

The Cherry Post No.16 | As Promised

Hello all to this weeks Cherry Post!

I promised in last weeks post I would talk about how creative I have been the past 7 days and as promised I will go into what I have produced.

With a big event planned (which will be booked soon and I can then talk about it) for 2016 I have been looking into increasing my stock by a lot, which involves even more designs!

I planned to start producing new designs beginning of April but due to commissions and other projects that got pushed to this month (which has sadly delayed The Coastal Project til after). So I decided to start the month off with the products I have the most experience with aka the linocut prints (Random but you have noticed I always spell lino cuts linocuts everywhere I mention it, it's mainly because I sometimes use #linocut as a hashtag on twitter among other things that I just got used to it over the past 3 years) with the target of producing ideas inspired by something that a child will love in their bedroom or something vintage inspired.

Now available at to order are

Speak, Listen & Repeat (Black) A5 Linocut Print as shown above

^ I See You (Black) A5 Linocut Print. ^

^ Astro (Black) A5 Linocut Print. ^

^ Astro (Grey) A5 Linocut Print ^

^ Astro (Bronze) A5 Linocut Print ^

During the next week I will be producing more Ball of Wool drawstring bags using the new screen printing fabric ink I now use since I produced the bags the last time so it be interesting to see how they will turn out. Alongside that creation of more drawstring bags I will producing more stock in a lot of the tote bag designs.

I am also working on new notebook designs as it's been since Christmas that I produced the current designs so expect those soon, you have noticed during the price change at the site they have now gone down in price. Please comment below any suggestions what YOU would like to see on a Bonfirecherry printed notebook

I think that's all for this weeks Cherry Post.

Thanks for reading!

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