The Cherry Post No.15 / Events, Projects, Shops + Important Stuff Part 2

Hello to this weeks Cherry Post!

I haven't done any print work in the past week so I thought in this weeks post I continue where I left off from last weeks post. I have some printing planned for next week :)

I start with the most important thing first and that is the price change that will happen to selected items at which is happening on Sunday 1st May. You can read all the details about the changes here.

To confirm what I mentioned last week, Bonfirecherry products at now available at 15 Collingwood in Northampton. 15 Collingwood is a lovely shop that hosts various art works and vintage items. There is a selection of linocut prints and brooches (some brooches are shop exclusive that won't be available anywhere else).

Something that happened before last weeks post which I didn't mention was I got invited to Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace. If you didn't know, it is the biggest event in the UK for crafters such as myself (click the fairs tag at the bottom to read my experiences at small fairs) so it really got me surprised and very honoured that I got an invite. I believe this is the second year of the event (?) after hearing from other crafters who I am connected to via social sites, last year. I won't go much into the details why for various reasons but I declined my offer for this year BUT I am planning on doing next year and that's a promise. I be going to the event as a visitor to do my research for next year as I would have a whole year to prepare. 

Going on from a big events, I am planning on doing an event (not as big as the Handmade Fair but bigger than the usual fairs I attend) in August but I will confirm this in a different blog post when it's booked etc as there will be a lot of planning involved along with other things.

I published a Upcoming Products post at the end of the march of what I planned to produce during April. Due to commissions and other things I only managed to produce one thing mentioned in the list of upcoming products. This week I am working on new prints which parents and children will like for the fairs, as they are normally the target audience that comes to fairs (I should have an idea to show off next week). During May I will be focusing on more notebook designs and the Ball of Wool drawstring bags as I have been promising those for so long.

Because of the products planned for May, I have pushed back The Coastal Project til after then as there is still a lot of research involved but I start producing the prints for the ideas but I can promise it will be worth it.

I think that is everything for this week, if you got any suggestions what I should talk about in a blog post be sure to comment below or message me

Thanks for reading


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