The Cherry Post No.14 / Events, Projects, Shops + Important Stuff

The Cherry Post No.14 / Events, Projects, Shops + Important Stuff

Hello all!

Let's start this weeks post off with saying I have booked new fairs/event for Bonfirecherry, one of them will be a special one as two years ago I hosted my first ever stall at the venue (under my own name and logo) so it be good to host a stall there again after all the things Bonfirecherry has been through since then and how the stall has changed. I will be producing some prints targeted to children like a few inspired by robots and super heroes as at most events it is mostly children and parents so thought this would be a good idea to attract more people to the stall.

Even though I will be posting a separate blog post about this but today I will be starting on The Coastal Project that I have been planning for awhile now as I am not busy with any commissions at the moment. I will be focusing on research on all places around the cafes/restaurants/tea rooms that you amazing people helped me find so I can produce some prints tailored to that location, these prints will only be available at the location apart from some of the Cornwall inspired prints. I will talk about more in a follow up Coastal Project blog post possibly during the weekend.

GOOD NEWS! Last week I talked about 15 Collingwood, the amazing art + vintage shop which from today you will be able to view & buy have a selection of Bonfirecherry prints and some exclusive printed brooches! Click here to find more about the shop! I 

I haven't been busy with print work to talk about this week so I thought in this weeks Cherry Post I talk about some important stuff that will effect a lot of items at and that is the prices. In the upcoming weeks I will be reviewing all the prices of each item taking into account the cost of the materials and the most important thing, time which is going to take me awhile to work out. Like with the Coastal Project I will talk about this in a separate blog post when I get around starting the review of the items.

Phew, that was a lot to talk about.

Thank you very much for reading!


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