The Cherry Post No.13 / A Third Place Where You Can Buy Bonfirecherry Products From

Hello all, welcome to The Cherry Post No.13!

Since the great and busy week Bonfirecherry had last week, it has been a relaxing 7 days but that doesn't mean I haven't done anything print related to talk about in this post.

At the moment, the only places you can order Bonfirecherry products from are this website and at craft fairs. Well there is going to be a third place, 15 Collingwood. I discovered this wonderful shop in Northampton via Instagram that sells lovely vintage items and art work which invited me over last week to the vintage/art paradise who were interested in my linocut prints and printed brooches. I will be heading over to the shop sometime next week to confirm everything, I will announce everything on Twitter, Facebook + my other social sites when everything is confirmed. There will be a few shop exclusive only printed brooches that you won't be able to find here or at the craft fairs. You can find more about this wonderful shop via the Facebook page here 

As you see on the front page of the website I don't have any upcoming fairs at this moment, I am planning on doing a big event in July which will be the biggest Bonfirecherry would host a stall at which is great for footfall (turn out of people) but there are big risks to doing a big event eg cost of the stall + needing to double or triple the amount of stock I have on my stall already but it's a risk that I am willing to take. This event which I will talk about more when it's confirmed is going to be in place of any fairs during the Summer til Christmas events near the end of the year.

At the fair last weekend I ran out of business cards which gave me the opportunity this week to get new ones, I usually order mine from Vista Print but I promised last time that when I ran out of business cards I would try somewhere different and glad I did. (Without trying to sound like an advert) I tried a printing business called Bumble Print who sorted out with some 500 new business cards (same style as previous) at £25! Well at that price, I couldn't say no to, I ordered them on Monday & they arrived on Wednesday! You can find more about Bumble Print here

Next week after finishing some commissions which I am currently producing I will then will be focusing on the Costal Project. Click the "Coastal Project" tag at the bottom of the page.

I think that's everything to talk about this week, anything I have missed out I will talk about next week.

Thanks for reading!

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