Abington Park Museum's Spring Food & Craft Fair | One Day Sale

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Abington Park Museum's Spring Food & Craft Fair | One Day Sale

Oh what I weekend for Bonfirecherry!

Yesterday I hosted the stall at the Abington Park Museum Spring Food & Craft fair and wow what a great day that I am not sure where to start haha I think I will start from the beginning.

This was the first event I booked for 2016 and second fair I have appeared at so far so I have been looking forward to this event for a fair few months as I heard about this last year but couldn't attend due to other events so I made sure this time that I could attend which turned out to be a very wise decision.

It's been a few years since I went in the museum so I was amazed by the stalls + everything around them all day which was the same with visitors who looked my stall as I had some interesting things alongside me.

Speaking of my stall, here is the look of my stall which I went with the same layout as the previous fair which was a wise decision as this event turned out the best event I ever hosted a stall at in the three years that I have been doing Bonfirecherry prints for as I had a record amount of sales (at a fair) and ran out of business cards after giving them to the many visitors I had looking at mine and all the other amazing stalls at the fair. It was busy with people nearly all day which was great, I hope to hear from the people who took my business cards as I would love to produce anything they have got in my mind. (Find out about custom work here

A small change I did make to the stall was with the print rack (which I still need to fix as the front of one of them as shown in the pic of the stall is broke, nothing a bit of super glue won't fix) and put the prints into categories to get people to look through them which a lot of people did which made me smile.

Overall I loved the event, there was at least one stall in nearly every room of the venue so there was a lot of choice for people as gifts etc

If I remember clearly I heard there is going to be another event at the museum in November which I am 100% up for doing again. If anyone knows more about the next event like if it is November please comment below :) 

While I was at the Spring Food & Craft Fair over at Bonfirecherry.com I hosted another One Day Sale which went well, that well I had a huge sale on brooches that I am now very low + sold out of most designs that I need to produce more during the week, I will be producing more Sew Sew (Turquoise) large tote bags too as those sold out after being best sellers. Not complaining, it's good to sell out it shows what is popular lol :)!

Overall 10/10 weekend!

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  • Denise

    So delighted to read of your success at this event. Persistence and hard work usually triumph in the end. Well done????

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