The Cherry Post No.12 / Celebrations + Promises !

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The Cherry Post No.12 / Celebrations + Promises !

Another interesting week for Bonfirecherry!

Yesterday was eventful as it was BC's third birthday reach really made smile, I have brought back some of my old designs such as one of the first designs I produced "The Mysterious Philosopher" is available at for a few days til Sunday. Check out the shop to see the 13 prints that I produced between 2013/2014!

Yesterday I promised a blog post talking about how Bonfirecherry started off as an online business, well only briefly but if ever interested do check out the blog post I published before this one or click the "Throwback Thursday" tag at the bottom of the page.

Since last September I have been promising some Cornwall inspired prints, good news!

I have produced one design called Mevagissey (Blue) A5 Linocut Print based on the beautiful Cornwall town of the same name which I loved visiting last year. This is one of possibly 3 designs as there one needed to be produced for the Coastal Project (click the tag below, it's a very big project) and A4 design which I do have on lino but haven't second thoughts like I can do better so I am going back to the drawing back on that.

Today I am focusing on some ideas for a possible commission, a Bonfirecherry business venture which I will likely go into in next weeks post and sorting stuff for the Spring Food + Craft Fair (as shown in the poster above).

The last thing to talk about is that the ONE DAY SALE returns today at the earlier time of 10pm BST + finishes Saturday 10pm BST.

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