Throw Back Thursday | Three Years Behind The Cherry

Hello all!

Three years today, I opened my shop at Etsy and started Bonfirecherry as a online business so I thought I go into the behind of the scenes on Bonfirecherry was when I first started etc

As mentioned before Bonfirecherry started off as a college project five years ago as a fictional t-shirt business which I wanted to make into a real one (see About Bonfirecherry at bottom of the page) but then changed doing lino prints as it was something else I learnt the skill to produce at college.

I can't remember how I came across Etsy three years ago but it was a great site to start off Bonfirecherry online on, at the time I didn't really count the cost of the materials + time when counting the prints so put them at low prices (which the prints are back on at, see shop) which surprised me as people were giving me advice that I should be selling the prints at higher prices due to time and materials which I listened to and put into account.

I can always remember my first sale which was to a customer in america, this is the first piece of feedback I ever received that I have always take into account the advice.

Like any small business starting up it's hard to stand out but never give up as I did find it a bit upsetting at times that I didn't have any sales for months but didn't give up. Etsy was a good starting to Bonfirecherry but glad I started up as I am then in control of everything as Bonfirecherry is something I am very proud of which makes me very happy when someone says great things about my products.

I wonder what Bonfirecherry will be like in another three years time?

Thanks for reading, comment below any questions.


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