Bonfirecherry Coastal Project / I Need Your Help!

Bonfirecherry Coastal Project / I Need Your Help!

Hello all!

I thought in this blog post I go into detail the big project I have got planned for 2016 which I have been talking about on social networking during the past 2 weeks.

The coastal project came to mind when I was traveling down to Portsmouth while talking about an event I want to appear at this year (that I don't want to go into in this post as it's a big one) as a way for even more people to find out about Bonfirecherry.

This got me and my family talking about when and where people who usually don't buy art, buy art.... on holiday when they down at a coastal location (in this case, around the uk).

This where I need YOU (yes you reading this post) I am looking for cafes/restaurants/tea rooms which are located around coastal locations such as Wales, Portsmouth and Dorset who are willing to host some special Bonfirecherry linocut prints which are going to be special to that cafe/restaurant/tea rooms as each print is going tailored to that coastal location such as:

-Navy or Spinnaker Tower inspired print for Portsmouth

- Mevagissey inspired print for Cornwall (to those who follow Bonfirecherry already you know I have got a Cornwall inspired print planned already but this project I will be doing two, one for this project and another for 

As said above as each print is going to be tailored to that location, I haven't got any examples to show for this project at this moment but you can view my shop, custom work + archive for an idea what Bonfirecherry can produce.

So far I have got Wales, Norfolk and Cornwall on my list but need YOUR HELP with a few more locations (around about 2 more places), if you know a cafe/restaurant/tea room near the coast that might be willing to host some special Bonfirecherry prints for this big project please contact me via the contact page with the title "Coastal Project" or email me at 

This is a very big project planned for Bonfirecherry and any help with this will truly mean a lot.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you amazing people if you can help with this project


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