The Cherry Post No.11 / Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits and a Pigeon

Hello all!

After a week break from commissions it was good on Wednesday to get back to getting creative and messy in the Bonfirecherry print shed!

I had 3 commissions planned this week and on Wednesday I finally got around to producing 2 of the 3, I will be working on the 3rd on Saturday. The first design I produced was a rabbit (as shown above and below) on a tote bag and then for another client it was a pigeon. Both clients were really happy with their designs so that made me smile as it's reactions like that which keeps me motivated.

Speaking of rabbits, I have decided to rename the printed brooch "Easter Rabbit" Carrot The Rabbit. Like most of my products the names come from my favourite manga/anime series like One Piece and Naruto and this product change is going to be inspired by so, recently in One Piece there was a rabbit like creature called Carrot and well Rabbits like carrots so there you go.

Next Saturday I will be at my next event, the Spring Food & Craft Fair @ Abington Park Museum (Northampton) so I am super excited for that, expect next weeks cherry post to go more into detail about that.

If you follow me on twitter since last Saturday I have been talking about a future 2016 project relating to coastal areas in the uk, I will talk more about in a separate blog post as there is a lot to talk about.

Unrelated to Bonfirecherry, last Saturday I went to Legoland with my family as part of a late birthday present & my 5 year old step nephew was up and LOVED IT!. Last time I went was 9/10 (I am now 26) of course I put some lego and took tons of pictures, which you can find here.

Thanks for reading, if you have missed out on the previous cherry posts. You can read them all by clicking on The Cherry Post tag below!


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