The Cherry Post No.10 / Relax

The Cherry Post No.10 / Relax

Hello all!

Since the last cherry post (no.9 which you can see by clicking on the cherry post tag at the bottom) I have hosted a stall at my first craft fayre of the year and a personal treat to myself I went to Birmingham Comic Con (again)! Without repeating myself you can read about the interesting weekend in a blog post which you can find by clicking on the fairs or comic con tags below!

Aside from the fair and comic con, I haven't been that creative this week as I have hurt my break which is a pain giving by I have got 3 commissions on the go but health comes first.

Due to the break and the commissions this has delayed the Cornwall inspired prints (again) but worry not the prints among other products will be coming on in April see the recent post where I talk about plans for March/April 2016 (which you can find by clicking on plans tag below)

During my break (til next Tuesday/Wednesday) I have been going through all the books I have to get new ideas for future products so that is exciting, looking at themes that I would never normally look into, it's pretty excited!

So in next week's cherry post I will be talking about the commissions that I have finished off and maybe a tease a new product?

You will have to wait til next Friday ;)

Thanks for reading


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