Upcoming Products. March/April 2016

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Upcoming Products. March/April 2016

Hello all!

In this short post I will be talking about upcoming products that I have in the works.

  • Cornwall Inspired Prints: One of the things I have been promising since last year, it keeps getting pushed to the site to other projects like fair preparation + commissions but the Cornwall inspired prints shall be coming to Bonfirecherry.com next month! Originally wanted it to get the designs produced this week but have some commissions to work on which has been pushed back to next week due to my back problems (as mentioned in the previous post) 
  • A1 sized posters. Coming half April
  • New notebook designs. There is designs in the works so expected some designs in the upcoming weeks
  • Ball Of Wool Drawstring Bags. The bags were an experiment that went well despite one complaint which I will be taking into account when I will be producing more of these. Should get these back in stock towards the end of April.

If you got any suggestions on what I should produce, comment below!

Thanks for reading



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