News | I be back after this short break UPDATED

News | I be back after this short break UPDATED

Hi just a small yet important post regarding custom orders.

I have been a bit accident prone recently I hurt my foot, bashed my thumb in a safe (long story) and recently I have hurt my back really bad due to a lot of factors like sleep, not bending properly and how I bent my back when I carve/print so having to rest, have got myself a back brace til I recover.

This has come at a really awkward time as I've got a fair few custom work on the go which I really want to get on this week but I have to rest to recover from the back pains so I am having a break from any print work be it commissions or new designs til Wednesday 30th March.

If you have anymore questions please do contact me via the contact page or comment below.

Sorry for the inconvince 

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