Oh What A Weekend | Duston Craft Fair + Birmingham Comic Con

It's been one hell of a weekend for Bonfirecherry and myself this weekend!

For Bonfirecherry on Saturday (19th) I attended the first fair I have booked for 2016 and it well went. As you can see I made sure to have a lot of stuff on show making sure that there was something saying that I could produce custom work. For the first event of the year it went well, only had one sale but had a lot of interest which is good enough. 

On at the same time on this site I had a One Day sale which went well I had a few sales that I will be sending out tomorrow morning. Over all it was a good day for Bonfirecherry.

The next event I have booked is April 9th so not long til that!

People who know me well know I love my anime and manga so I attended (MCM) Birmingham Comic Con for the third time and like the previous times I loved it!

I went dressed up as the anime/manga series Naruto character, Kakashi (google/bing it) which you can see me *(in the middle on the left of the person in orange) with other people dressed from the series as part of a meet up which I felt honoured being invited to. I've been working so much on Bonfirecherry related work the past few weeks that I haven't had time to do anything else so this was a great day out for that reason.

I am planning on going back in November with my friends who came with me today. Of course I came back with some items that I purchased 

There was so much stuff that I would have loved to buy but would need about £100 or so lol

Overall it has been a great weekend, so far this month I have been out every single weekend and to end the month next week I am going to Legoland (YAY!).

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