The Cherry Post No.9 / Where To Start?

Well where to start, there is a lot to talk about and it's been a busy week.

I was going to say I go with the most important thing but as they are all important I can't do that so going to go with the first thing that comes to mind and that is the craft fair tomorrow!

As you may have seen on the front of the site and several blog/social blogs that the craft fair is on Saturday so I have been preparing for awhile now for it which I am super excited about, I have got everything ready so just waiting for Saturday now. It's going to be a very busy weekend for me and for Bonfirecherry as on Sunday I will be going back to Birmingham Comic Con (dressed up as Kakashi from Naruto not hosting a stall but would love to, imagine the footfall! Click on the comic con tag below to see posts about the previous visits) expect some big blog posts about both.

To go alongside the craft fair I will be attending on Saturday, at there will be a ONE DAY SALE. Like last time there be a lot of products at the shop reduced to great prices, the only exclusion from the sale (this time) is the printed tote bags but everything else will have some great offers which I will be working on tonight. The One Day Sale will start from Friday 11.30pm to Saturday 11.30pm GMT. 

Another exciting thing this week was I got mentioned in a local Northampton based blog called Muddy Stilettos, I don't want to ruin anything so check out recent blog post where I briefly talk about the blog and link you to it (click the Muddy Stilettos tag below to be find it).

Alongside all of what I have mentioned I have also been working on THREE commissions, at the time I am writing this blog post I have only started putting the design on lino but trying to do much as I can before the busy weekend which I have got planned but all three will look great, of course the most important thing is that the customer likes the designs too.

The only downside to the commissions is that has pushed the Cornwall inspired prints til the end of next week but will be worth the wait I can promise you that :)

Phew, got all of that out. As you can probably expect next weeks Cherry post will be just as long as this but will have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading

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