The Cherry Post No.8 / Let's Get Ready For The Fair!

The Cherry Post No.8 / Let's Get Ready For The Fair!

Hello all!

Usually when it comes to preparing for a fair I often end up finishing things to the eleventh hour, that's not going to happen in 2016 as I've got the fair next Saturday I have sorted 98% of everything this week so I don't have to rush and get stressed next week.

Since the last fair I produced a lot new products so I made sure I produced copies that I can show off on the stall which the prints took me the longest due to mounting, bagging and pricing them all making sure they have got the current business cards too.

Something I didn't have was a trolley to carry all my products around (as shown on the top image), last year I had a box (above) but that got very heavy to carry around as you may expect. Like all new things there is always a catch, the catch with the trolley is that the handle goes up to about 3ft while I am over 6ft so between now and next Saturday I need to make some changes to the handle.

I was planning on producing some A1 size posters for the event but due to things I have put that on hold til at least next month or sooner but depends on somethings. 

Something I need to point out to people at the stall next Saturday is that I can produce custom work. At the previous 2 or 3 I didn't have anything that said I could produce custom work so this time around I am going to make sure it's pointed out to potential customers.

On other news, if you are in the world of handmade items like I am be sure to check out the post I published before this about criticism as I go a lot into that and bad feedback etc.

In next weeks Cherry Post I will go talk about new designs I have in the works and of course the fair I will be hosting a stall at the day after.

Thanks for reading!


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