Criticism + Bad Feedback

Criticism + Bad Feedback

Hi, this is something I have had on my mind for awhile but never got around to talking about in a post. This is going to be a mixture of a personal & Bonfirecherry post by the way.

Alongside this I work in retail where I often get complaints about items on a daily basis which I am used to dealing with insuring things are sorted out without any hassle. While I am ok with that as items sold in that situation are made in it's 1000's etc that there is bound to be a fault sometimes as no manufactured product is 100% perfect, I find it different dealing with a complaint or feedback that wasn't good when it comes to Bonfirecherry.

The reason for that why it's different as I have worked Bonfirecherry from the ground up where I have worked really hard producing these products which I try to give people excellent customer service and respect that if I get some criticism/bad feedback it really does hit me hard.

Art and Crafts is a matter of opinion and taste. Not everything related such as the prints that Bonfirecherry produces are is to everyone's taste which I am ok with that's why I promote custom work when I can while there is often people that love the themed inspired pieces, I can understand you can't please everyone but nothing wrong trying.

I have been working as Bonfirecherry for nearly three years now, I have made sure I have given excellent customer service and what the customer wanted (which I received five star reviews) there has been only 2/3 times (so far) that it hasn't gone to plan which I still feel guilty about.

A recent order I received awhile ago (I won't mention the name of the customer or product for obvious reasons) was on a product which had some marks on (as all my products are handmade using linocut I do very messy sometimes but try my best to keep this to a minimum) which I gift wrapped and parceled with great style that I usually do with other orders.

A few days later I emailed to see if the order was alright which it did and then asked for feedback, didn't hear anything so tried again a few days later which I finally got a reply to where the customer wasn't happy with the product due to the marks (despite saying it in the description) and was embarrassed to give it as a gift but was happy with the customer service. This honestly got me really down (normally takes a lot to do that) the product in question was a recent one that I experimented on using different methods that usually use. So took it and another similar product off the shop to see what can be done but looked it over but part from the marks (which I still mention in the description) the product is good enough to put on sale. 

Sometimes you are going to have a few marks or something when it comes to a handmade item, the form of block printing I use is probably the messiest but try to keep it to a minimum. 

I am very lucky that during the 3 years that I rarely have bad feedback, it's weird to say but there is good things that come from it that you won't get from good feedback. There is always something you can learn from and improve so that it makes sure that sort of complaint can never happen again.

That's all what I wanted to say regarding this, I didn't mean to write too much but wanted to get what's off my mind onto something. If you got any comments regarding Criticism and bad feedback please comment below

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